Horse Racing Betting Advice

Horse Racing Betting Advice


Only bet on handicap races, this is a type of race in which the weight each horse has to carry is individually allotted according to it's past performance to make the chances of all horses in a race more equal.


Avoid betting on races - both Flat and National Hunt - with 6 or less runners as they tend to be won by a very short priced favorite and will give a poor return for your money unless it is part of a multiple bet, such as a Double. However, if the favorite is a decent price, say 3/1, for example, then needless to say, it is worth having a bet.


Try to limit my horse racing betting - both Flat and National Hunt - to races with 13 runners maximum. If you are are tempted to back a horse in a race with a large field of runners I suggest you limit yourself to a race with 17 runners at most, and opt for a decent priced Each Way bet instead of a straight win to improve your chances of winning.


You should always try to reduce uncertainty in your race selection, so avoid betting on "Maiden" races and "Apprentice" races. "Maiden" races are for horses with little race experience which have never won a race. Although there are some talented apprentice jockeys, this type of race can be unpredictable


There are many advantages to betting online: better prices, greater range of sports to choose from and bonuses and other incentives for new and existing customers. If you bet online or thinking of doing so, always make sure the site you are visiting has a secure server. Always look for "https" in the address bar on the log in page of the site (the "s" denotes a secure site) or a padlock icon at the bottom of the screen. You should never enter any financial information on a site which is not secure. Most betting sites require that you fund a betting account by credit card, but a few, including Betfair, will let you fund a betting account by transferring funds from a Paypal or Neteller account if you prefer not to reveal your credit card details.


Even if you only have a bet at weekends, try to learn as much as possible about the horses you are backing, their jockeys and trainers. As well as familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of different racecourses, Newbury, for example, suits the bigger long striding horses, whereas Kelso suits the smaller nippier horses. Be aware of the effect of the draw, it can give some horses a significant advantage in certain flat races at certain courses, at Newcastle, for example, in races over 5f,6f and 7f, high numbers are favoured UNLESS the going is soft, when low numbers are then favoured. And heavy going in a race can sometimes result in a surprise winner - even a rank outsider passing the winning post first.


The best horse racing betting advice I can offer is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. You are not going to win all the time, so don't waste your money chasing a losing streak. I remember watching the 2005 Cheltenham Festival on TV and one of the presenters was talking to a racegoer who had 17 losing bets in a row! So take a disciplined approach to betting, and hopefully, you will have fewer losing bets which will help to make your horse racing betting more profitable and enjoyable.


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