Horse Racing Terms

Horse Racing Terms

Understanding Horse Racing Lingo


A term for a horse whose odds lengthen close to the race start due to decreased market support, often termed as "on the drift".


A standout pick or the most recommended bet of the day from a seasoned tipster.

Hacked up

An expression describing a horse that clinches victory with seeming ease or comfort.

Straight Forecast

A wager aiming to correctly predict the winner and runner-up in their exact finishing order.

Accumulator Bet

A multi-leg bet involving multiple horses or races. Each successful pick rolls onto the next, with all selections needing to win to secure a payout.


A colloquial term for a bookmaker - an entity that sets and offers odds on bets.


A pre-race showcase where horses are displayed in numerical order for spectators. After this display, they trot towards the race start.


Describes a horse that takes longer to reach its full physical potential or maturity.

Course Specialist

A horse renowned for delivering strong performances on a particular racetrack.


Refers to a race's distance. Horses are said to "get the trip" if they demonstrate stamina for that length.

At the Post

Indicates that all competing horses have reached the starting point and are ready to race.


A term reflecting the track's condition, ranging from firm to soft or heavy surfaces.


A horse recognized for excelling in long-distance flat races, typically two miles and beyond.


A detailed schedule of the day’s races, highlighting race times and listing the participating horses and jockeys.


Refers to the horse's hindquarters, located between the tail and flank.


A horse widely expected to win, often a highly-favored selection in multiple bets.


A descriptor for a horse displaying signs of inexperience or immaturity during a race.

Dual Forecast

A bet aiming to predict the first two finishers of a race in any order.


The unique hand signals and expressions used by bookies to communicate odds swiftly.

Burlington Bertie

In tic-tac terminology, this refers to odds of 100-30.

Boxed In

A scenario where a horse is obstructed by other horses, preventing it from making a forward move.


The total payout for a winning wager, combining both the winnings and the original stake.


In bookmaking jargon, "carpet" signifies odds of 3-1, while "double carpet" denotes 33-1.

With this richer context and detailed definitions, even newcomers can navigate the intricate world of horse racing with confidence. Whether placing bets or simply spectating, understanding this terminology enhances the experience manifold.

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