Horse Racing Betting Types

Horse Racing Betting Types


An Each Way bet splits your wager between a Win and a Place bet. The "place" term can differ based on race type and runners count. The place part of this bet usually pays out at 1/4 of the winning odds. For instance, with a £1 Each Way (totaling £2 for both win and place), if your horse wins at 8/1, the win returns £9 while the place part returns £3. If the horse only places, you earn £3 from the place bet and forfeit the win stake.


A Place bet focuses solely on a horse finishing in a predetermined position, typically first or second. Unlike the Each Way, a Place bet has a consistent payout whether your horse wins or merely places. A £2 Place bet, therefore, costs just £2.


A Double connects two distinct events. To win, both predictions must be accurate. It's versatile, not confined to sports. Imagine coupling a football game's first goal scorer with the Derby's winning horse. It extends to predictions across diverse domains like literature and politics as well.


Dutching is a strategy involving multiple horses in a race to enhance winning chances. The trick is to pick horses with sufficiently high odds so that a win from any can offset losses from the others and still ensure a profit.


Similar to a Double, a Treble simply adds a third event into the mix. All three predictions must be accurate for a payout.


Comprising three horses, a Trixie splits your bet across three Doubles and one Treble. So, a £1 Trixie costs £4 in total.


An extension of the Trixie, a Patent adds three singles. This bet consists of seven distinct bets. A £1 Patent, therefore, costs £7.


A Yankee brings together four horses across 11 bets: six Doubles, four Trebles, and an Accumulator. Including Each Way bets can increase chances but doubles the stake. A minimum of two winning selections ensures a return. A standard £1 Yankee is priced at £11.


An enhancement of the Yankee, the Lucky 15 introduces four singles, totaling 15 bets. A solitary winner grants double the odds. Hence, a £1 Lucky 15 demands a £15 stake.


This bet involves five horses across 26 bets. It necessitates two winning selections for a return. A £1 Canadian bet costs £26 in total.


A Canadian with an extra, the Lucky 31 tosses in five singles for 31 bets altogether. One winner offers double the odds. Therefore, a £1 Lucky 31 sets you back by £31.


Six horses form the Heinz, spread across 57 bets. You need two winners to see returns. A £1 Heinz will cost you £57.


Comprising six horses, the Lucky 63 extends over 63 bets. A lone winner gets you double the odds, and a bonus is granted if all six win. A £1 stake costs £63.


This bet, involving seven horses, spans 120 bets. Two winners are essential for any returns. A £1 Super Heinz comes at a cost of £120.


The Goliath is the most extensive, comprising eight horses over a whopping 247 bets. A minimum of two winners are necessary for any returns. A £1 Goliath costs £247.

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