Betting on Horse Races

Top Events and Tournaments for Betting on Horse Races at Betfair

People are very passionate about Betting on Horse Races,as it draws a lot of attendance each year. Unsurprisingly, they are also very popular among the betting fraternity. Betfair not only provides markets on top events like the Melbourne Cup, but also events like the Kentucky Derby, Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, and more are covered.

Betting on Horse Races - Main Events

Betting on Horse Races

Cheltenham Festival

One of the incredible horse racing events in the entire calendar would be Cheltenham Festival, which includes 28 races including races like the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The overall prize money is over £4.5 million and the event gathers interest from racing fans across the world. The coverage from Betfair is available on each race. It is possible to back or lay horses, while Betfair also tries to assist new punters by providing them with tips and suggestions.

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is regarded as one of the top races in the world and it is a must-see event when it comes to horse racing in Australia. This November event gathers plenty of markets from several months in advance. The early markets or ante-post options related to this competition is quite high. There will be substantial changes to the odds as the event approaches, but it is also possible for punters to pick up some excellent prices early on. The race is conducted over 2 miles and the prize money of more than AU$ 6 million make it one of the richest of its category.

Epsom Derby

The Epsom Derby is a prestigious event that takes place in Surrey, England. It is typically held in the first Saturday of a June, and it draws millions of spectators, who watch the event live or on television. The win and place bets are very popular when it comes to the Epsom Derby. They can also be made in tandem to create an each way bet. More experienced punters opt for accumulator is that would be available in different combinations. Betfair comes out with the Epsom Derby odds several months in advance and punters can take advantage of any good prices during this period. The tote wagering options are also very popular when it comes to this event.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is also known as the Run for the Roses. This event, which is held on the first Saturday of every May at Kentucky, has several million fans who attend the races live on television. The top thoroughbreds compete over a distance of 1.25 miles and the entire race lasts for only about two minutes. Yet, it is easily the most exciting event in the calendar. The race features American horse racing’s largest field with 20 runners and this makes it very difficult to pick a winner. This event is for horses above three years of age. This premier horse racing event sees wagers worth several million dollars every year.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

This is a major European race which is competed over a distance of 2.4 km. The distance makes it quite hard on horses and it is important to pick a well-conditioned thoroughbred that can withstand a long race with ease. Other factors like racing style also have a major influence of the length of the race. Typically, horses that start with a flourish do not tend to perform well in this race. The prize money of € 5 million makes this one of the richest races in the world. Naturally, top thoroughbreds from the world show a lot of interest in participating in this race. The betting interest in this race begins well in advance, as Betfair provides plenty of futures betting options. As the race day approaches, punters can go for several straight or accumulator bets.

Betting on Horse Races - Betfair’s Live Streaming and Live Betting Sections

Betting on Horse Races

Live Streaming

Unfortunately, Betfair does not excel when it comes to live streaming options. In fact, there are no live streams on the site even on other sports, but horse racing punters do have the option of being able to switch on the live commentary service. This will provide more than enough information about the race and punters can track their selection with ease even if they do not have access to a live broadcast.

Betfair’s Pricing and Quality of Horse Racing Odds

Even though Betfair claims to offer outstanding prices as a result of being an exchange rather than a sportsbook, this advantage is not reflected aptly in terms of prices. These odds are subject to change, but a superficial look puts Betfair in an inferior position compared to competitors.

The usual commission of Betfair is around 5% whereas regular sportsbooks would typically charge around 6 to 8%. Apart from the quality of odds, Betfair users also have a lot of variety with win, each way, place, forecast betting, and match betting options available on almost every trace. One can even get markets based on a favourite horse to win by a particular distance.

Betting on Horse Races - Getting the Best out Of Betfair’s Horse Racing Platform

Betfair frequently comes up with expert tips and opinions about the different horse races that are about to take place. All these are provided as part of the Betfair Hub along with information on harness and greyhound racing. Some of the sections that can be really useful for a punter would be the form guide, strategy tips, racing results, and information on upcoming races. All these are dwarfed by the assistance offered by Betfair Models.

The Betfair Models is a prediction model that has numerous variables analysed by external and internal data scientists. Some of the variables analysed would be jockey strike rate, trainer strike rate, last start performance, prize money, and more. The large volume of races taking place per day means that these variables would undergo drastic changes. For this reason, Betfair goes with a new set of variables each day and this includes the weightage given to each horses. From now, a probability is calculated and the top five candidates are shared with punters. Since Betfair is a betting exchange, this information is provided to help punters who are going up against other punters.

A more basic set of information is also available to newcomers, who will be given an introduction to the world of horse ratings, place betting, track bias, and more. Finally, the availability of racing results – harness, horse, and greyhound races that take place in the UK – in one place also makes it easy for punters to learn and stay informed.

Enhancing Horse Racing Betting Experience with Innovative Features

Betfair offers a number of features that are designed to help a punter. Since this is not technically a sportsbook, it is clear that Betfair only wants winners on the platform. The features best suited for making great decisions or increasing returns are:

Betfair Hub

The Betfair HUB is a great destination that offers strategies, advices, reports, and much more. This section is particularly detailed comes to horse races, as users can even find information about horse racing models and basic information that can help them get going in the world of betting. The HUB is handled by the Betfair staffs, who also make all the contributions. All the documents found in this section can help in the world of betting on horse races, but it can also be crucial when it comes to betting on other sports.

Mobile App

The Betfair app is available with features like being able to access live broadcasts if they are available. But the biggest advantage of the opportunity to place bets even when far away from a desktop. The app also has nifty features like the push notifications that will provide an opportunity for punters to stay on top of the prices and markets without having to stay glued to the screen.

Verdict – Exceptional Platform for Betting on Horse Races

There is no doubt that Betfair is an excellent option when trying to bet on horse races. Even though ante-post markets may not have the best prices, the peer-to-peer interaction often results in good odds as the event approaches. In terms of selection, Betfair is no slouch compared to competitors. In fact, the availability of active markets is better than the competition. The minimum stake might be on the higher side, but the platform makes up with some advantages like offering strategies, tips, and much more to punters. Betfair may not be the platform to expect big bonuses, but the low market margins compared with wide availability of markets make it a great choice.